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Jump Start

Vehicle batteries can be a little icky. For one reason or another, the battery will eventually be depleted. You insert and turn the key, but your vehicle will not start. Locating a mechanic or a jump-start battery service to start your vehicle in the dead of the night or in the middle of nowhere may not only be difficult but impossible too. Convenience is the benefit of the jumpstart service, and PDX Towing & Recovery provides 24/7 service as we are aware that a dead battery can occur at any time. Therefore, in order to get you out of such a bind, here are some options for jump-starting your vehicle:

  • Make sure that both the battery in the vehicle and the battery used for the jump start have the same voltage (for example, 12 volts).
  • Put an end to all electrical loads, and check the vehicles to make sure that their gears are in the neutral position and that no moving parts are touching each other.
  • It is recommended that all vehicles be earthed at the same terminal; if not, refer to the instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Check that the cables are not frayed or damaged.

Execute the following simple jump-start steps in order:

  • Connect the positive (+) terminal of the jump-starting battery to the positive (+) terminal of the vehicle battery that is not starting.
  • Connect one end of the other cable to the booster battery’s negative (-) terminal.
  • Connect the other cable to the engine block or car frame of the vehicle to be started, away from the battery.
  • Ensure that cables are kept away from moving vehicle parts, such as fan blades.
  • Once the engine has been started, remove the cables in the order that they were connected, beginning with the cable that is connected to the car’s frame or the engine block.
  • If the vehicle does not start within the first thirty seconds, you should contact an auto electrician.

You should also be aware of some of the common causes that contribute to the depletion of the battery in your vehicle. It could be as a result of:

  • You accidentally left your car’s headlights on.
  • The ignition keys are malfunctioning.
  • Your vehicle’s battery has either reached the end of its serviceable life or is too old for continued use.
  • Parasitic drain refers to components such as the clock, music system, and security alarm that continue to operate even after you have turned off the vehicle and removed the keys.


Jump-starting a modern vehicle with an electronic management system should not be attempted in the absence of protected jump starter leads. The owner’s manual for such a vehicle should contain instructions on how to jump-start the vehicle.

 Call PDX Towing & Recovery for help and to schedule your jump-start service if you are still hesitant to try these simple DIY jump-start procedures to get your vehicle moving. Our technician will test your vehicle and let you know if there is a problem.


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