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Frequently asked questions

Even in the worst weather or following an unfortunate accident, with PDX Towing & Recovery’s 24/7 towing service, your vehicle can be towed to our body shops. We can also help transport or swap vehicles to the destination of your choice.

To get in touch with one of our experts at PDX Towing & Recovery, request a quote on the form below, give us a call at (971) 250-8739, or send us an email at info@pdxtowingservices.com.

At all times of the day or night, our drivers are available on call and ready to help. We are aware that you are under stress if you are calling us for a tow. After contacting PDX Towing & Recovery, you won’t have to worry because we can handle a wide range of situations and pieces of equipment.

Even if the service was not rendered, payments for previously authorized services are not subject to refund. The payment will be valid once the driver shows up. Even if the services aren’t provided, the customer is still responsible for the total payment of the services, unless any returns or refunds for canceled transactions are called in before the driver arrives at the scene. In this case, the customer is still liable for the full payment of the services.

To make a credit card payment, you simply need to carry a card that provides this coverage. You can call the designated hotline and request the kind of assistance you need if you need to use the roadside assistance your card provides.

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